Great Canadian Baking Contest Winners

Thank you to all the Bakers that entered to the Great Canadian Baking Contest. We were overwhelmed with all of the submissions and our judges were stuffed! Congrats to the following 2017 Winners.

Elaine shared her award winning recipe for Hummingbird Cake. Elaine cut the recipe out of a newspaper years ago and did not change a thing. Now you can make it for yourself!


Pie/Tarts – Susan Wood- Buttertarts

Maple Syrup – Susan Wood- Tarts

Cookies – Karin Persson – Skor Cookies

Cake/Cupcake – Elaine Fritz – Hummingbird Cake

Bread – Serena Edmunds

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5 Responses to Great Canadian Baking Contest Winners

  1. Patricia Stockdale says:

    when do we have to register for baking contest
    thanks pat

    • Judy says:

      Hi Pat
      You don’t have to register. Just bring all your great baking to the BCC on the day. Looking forward to tasting it!


  2. Katie Traynor says:

    My name is Katie Traynor, I am the district sales manager in the area with Avon. I was wondering if you have any vendor spots available for your Heritage day?
    Thank you,

    • Judy says:

      Hi Katie
      Heritage day does not have vendors like avon…….we go more with heritage items. Thank you for your interest….perhaps Canada Day

  3. Elaine says:

    Hi everyone, …. Looking forward to this Saturday. Last year was a blast!!
    I’m asking if there is still room for additional vendors. My husband does carving
    and has stock that he would like to display like signs, memory boxes, fun stuff,
    small tables, quilt stand, etc. Is there still time to register to participate?

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