BCC History

Would you mortgage your home to help build a community centre?

Well, incredibly, 40+ years ago a group of very special people had a dream and a vision. They saw the need for a community centre in Buckhorn. These courageous and generous people actually did mortgage their homes to realize their dream. With the help of Wintario funding, they built our Buckhorn Community Centre.

The Founders:

  • John and Irene Bannan
  • John and Dorothy Biggs
  • Harry and Joan Caunce
  • Norm and Andrea Childs
  • Bob and Kay Creighton
  • Doug and Wendy Dixon
  • Walter and Linda Dixon
  • Connie Gemmill
  • Eric and Elsie Hilton
  • George and Diane Hilton
  • Art and Olive Iddison
  • R. Paul Page
  • Paul and Linda Parkhurst
  • Ray and Marg Pogue
  • Don and Vivian Smith
  • Neal and Pat Smith
  • Art and Carmen Webster

Construction of the original building was started in the fall of 1977 and completed in the spring of 1978.  For the original building, the designer was Dave Rome, the architect George Hilton and the builder John Chretien. The Buckhorn Community Centre opened its doors to the public in March 1978 with activities such as dancing, bingo and floor hockey that year.

That spring, President Bob Creighton approached local artist Edwin Matthews with an idea to have an art show as a fundraiser to help pay the mortgage. That is how the Buckhorn Wildlife Art Festival and Sale began. At the time, no one knew if people would want to come to a little hamlet like Buckhorn to enjoy and buy art. Various committees were set up by the Centre to start the process. Edwin Matthews organized our “Buckhorn Wildlife Art Festival” project with incredible enthusiasm and vision and the rest, as they say, is history.

By 1994, many of our events had outgrown the facility. Ontario Infrastructure funding enabled our Centre to build an addition doubling the size of the building.

In 2017 we celebrated 40 years in the community! Click HERE to find out where we started and how far we have come!


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