IMG_1205The Buckhorn Community Centre has installed a grid-tied solar panel array!Scaffold painting

Three hundred and twelve panels cover the south-facing roof, producing clean, renewable energy that is sold back to the Ontario power grid. Funds generated from this solar array are used by the Buckhorn Community Centre for continued deliverance of social and recreational programs for the Buckhorn Community Centre.

The Buckhorn Community Centre fell short of the goal to raise $350,000 and is looking for your help to raise the  remaining $175,000 needebcc solar picd to cover the initial cost of the solar equipment.

Flanagan and Sun, a local renewable energy company, installed the solar array at cost. This generous contribution allows all of your donations in the Sponsor-A-Panel campaign to be allocated directly toward the cost of the solar equipment.

By sponsoring a panel, you are contributing to a sustainable energy project for a cleaner tomorrow, and investing in the future of the Buckhorn community.

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Click on the computer below to see how our solar has been doing!

Very cool!

solar realtime statics link

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