Yellow Ribbon Campaign

cday1Dear Friend,

On “Canada Day” in 2009, Cpl. Nick Bulger was in Afghanistan handing out “things from home” to his comrades.   Who would have guessed the Yellow Ribbon Campaign would still be sending “things from home” to our soldiers!  To Kuwait, Ukraine, Poland, Iraq.

In 2017 Canadian Soldiers are in Egypt.  They are there to patrol the zone closest to the Egyptian-Israeli border… MFO  (Multinational Force Observers).   The weather is “Hot”!  My contact over there has already experienced a couple 40 degree days, if you can imagine!!

They will be celebrating “Canada Day” in Egypt.  We will be taking our Boxes to Trenton on June 13th, we hope to include lots of “Red & White” items…lets show the other Nations how we Support our Canadian Troops, and how Proud we are.   We could use your help!!

Here is a List of Items…some have been ‘requested’!

Jumbo Freezies, Gum, m & m’s, smarties, (chocolate bars will melt) jujubes, sours, licorice,

MIO – a liquid water enhancer. Flavoured Drink crystals.
Kraft “Crunchy” peanut butter, Microwave Popcorn (Orville) 3 in1 Instant coffee, blank greeting cards, lip balm, hand lotion, fly traps, sunscreen, beef jerky, pepperettes, Tim Horton K Cups,

trail mix, granola bars, nuts – all kinds, sm. kleenex pkgs, people magazines, novels, puzzle books, After Bite, deodorant, assorted teas, nutella, maple syrup, oatmeal packs, mini ritz crackers with cheese, cappuccino packe

ts, Canadian memorabilia to give out or to exchange, lrg. or small Canadian Flags…and believe it or not, one guy wants a toque!!!  

Your help with this is greatly appreciated, every item is appreciated.  Drop Off at the BCC-

write “Soldier” on the bag.  Monetary donations are also accepted…at the Community Centre, or to Darlene Loucks, 184 Melody Bay Rd, Buckhorn K0L 1J0.  Interac e-transfer if you wish,   or Phone Darlene 705-657-7182 for more information.  Names and address’s will be provided if you wish to do your own care package…kids love to help support the troops, and soldiers love to read their letters and see the drawings!!

Thank You for Supporting the Troops, and the “Yellow Ribbon Campaign”

Sincerely,   Darlene




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