Yellow Ribbon Campaign

Thank You for Helping to Support our Soldiers Overseas!
It has been such a pleasure sending our Yellow Ribbon boxes to those who served in Mali. In August 2018, we had the name of ‘ONE’ contact soldier. Cpl. Jason Birch received our first 42 boxes.
By July 15, 2019 we had 27 contacts, and had sent 374 boxes. We received a Canadian Flag flown in Mali, signed by troops. We received a plaque, photos, and a Heron Squadron Badge. A hand written letter from the Lieutenant Colonel German Air Force and HERON Squadron Commander.
A letter from Lieutenant Colonel M. Babin, the Commanding Officer of Canadian Task Force Aviation Battalion in Gao, Mali. Letters from: Jason B., Will S., Aaron A., Martin L., Brian K. Robert H., Josh B., Steven R. , Stewart D., Will A., Julie S., Joshua B., Robert H., Kimberly D., Michael G.

A thank you from Scott N. and his group serving in Lebanon. A message from Brent S. in Germany

Every letter, every photo, every gift to The Yellow Ribbon is treasured and kept….to be shared!! OP PRESENCE in Mali, will long be remembered! 🇨🇦

A total of 1,675 Boxes have been sent to troops serving overseas. On behalf of our Soldiers, Thank You to all of the Supporters who make this possible. 🌍👍

For letters  and more info, hop over to this page


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