Yellow Ribbon Campaign

Thank You for Helping to Support our Soldiers Overseas!

By July 15, 2019 we had 27 contacts, and had sent 374 boxes. We received a Canadian Flag flown in Mali, signed by troops. We received a plaque, photos, and a Heron Squadron Badge. A hand written letter from the Lieutenant Colonel German Air Force and HERON Squadron Commander.
A letter from Lieutenant Colonel M. Babin, the Commanding Officer of Canadian Task Force Aviation Battalion in Gao, Mali. Letters from: Jason B., Will S., Aaron A., Martin L., Brian K. Robert H., Josh B., Steven R. , Stewart D., Will A., Julie S., Joshua B., Robert H., Kimberly D., Michael G.A thank you from Scott N. and his group serving in Lebanon. A message from Brent S. in Germany

Every letter, every photo, every gift to The Yellow Ribbon is treasured and kept….to be shared!! OP PRESENCE in Mali, will long be remembered! 🇨🇦

A total of 1,675 Boxes have been sent to troops serving overseas. On behalf of our Soldiers, Thank You to all of the Supporters who make this possible. 🌍👍

For letters  and more info, hop over to this page


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