The BCC is OFFICIALLY CLOSED – As part of the Government Regulated Emergency Management & Civil Protection Act, the BCC  is closed until
until further notice. 
We will re-evaluate opening based on guidance from the Ministry.  The Board of Directors has met and have made the following changes to a few of our annual events that are in the near future.

Event Updates: 
Dinner Theatre is postponed until it can be safely rescheduled.
The Spring Craft Show is Cancelled. The Fall Show will go on bigger and better! 
The Buckhorn Festival of the Arts – Vendor refund deadline of June 1st will be waived and we are carefully monitoring expenses as the situation evolves. Planning for this year is well in hand and we are continuing forward with the expectation the event will go on!
The Golf Tournament – We have asked the committee to try and reschedule the event to the fall if possible. TBD.
The Annual General Meeting – will be postponed until such time as we can have a public meeting, hopefully in June TBD. The annual Audit will still be done as required.
Of course all other regular activities and smaller events continue to be cancelled until further notice and will only start up again when things generally get back to normal for everyone. We are mindful of the impact this is having on our community and our ability to gather at the BCC  to be social and stay healthy but remind you all that the more we do to stay home and practice social distancing the sooner this should all be over. There are many other ways to stay in touch with your family, friends and neighbors!
Stay safe!
Your Board of Directors……..

If you have been out of the Country – PLEASE SELF ISOLATE – Let’s all stay healthy!

The answering machine is checked regularly, so even though we are closed, someone will call you back.

Please take care and be kind to each other and to everyone who is working the front lines….they are working overtime, juggling their kids around the family and having to deal with some unreasonable people.


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