Dinner Theatre POSTPONED

Due to the current health issue the we are facing, we are postponing Dinner Theatre. We hope to be able to perform in April 2021. Volunteers will be reaching out to all ticket holders in the near future to discuss the next steps. Below you will see how would like to handle it. 
 A date at this time is up in air until we see how the “curve” flattens and what restrictions are in place when we start to get social again. If you are reading this and have tickets, this is the plan as of today. We will be calling the person who bought the tickets to let them know what is happening. When we reschedule the play we will reach out to everyone and tell them when the dates are. Ticket holders will be offered the same number of tickets they are holding for the day they have. Example: Joe Smith has 12 tickets for a Friday, we will offer to hold 12 tickets for one of the new Fridays offered. If Joe can only use 8 of the tickets, we will refund him for four. Does this make sense. We are contacting the people who stood in line for tickets first and then go on to down the list to phone orders and walk ins. We have never been faced with this situation before.  We hope this makes sense to you, we didn’t want to have to go through all the hoops again and we wanted to be sure to offer ticket holders a chance at the new dates first. Be well……………talk to you soon


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  1. Arlene McIlmoyle says:

    Please contact me by phone at 705-651-3219. For reimbursement of my tickets. Arlene McIlmoyle

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