Meet Ivy & Ebony

In 2018 we were quite surprised to see a couple of ospreys building at nest at the BCC. We do not have a structure inviting them to do so and they decided to build on the lightstandard at our ball diamond. This is a very central pole and we have seen a lot of action from them and a few babies born. We were pleased to see them arrive back this spring. They did not receive the”no travel advisory”! After three years it was felt that we should have names for our returning summer residents. FACEBOOK visitors were asked to submit their suggestions by the end of April. Over 30 suggestions were thrown into a bucket and we did a “live video” draw on April 30. We would like to welcome Ivy and Ebony asprey to the community. Laura Bizzo Magill won the draw and gets bragging rights! We are anxious to meet Ivy and Ebony’s  family in August and we will again ask for suggestions on naming the chick or chicks. Ospreys come back to the same nest year after year. It is amazing how this nest manages to not get blown off the pole. Be sure to check it out when you come the BCC

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