Rain Barrel Sale

If you forgot to pick up your rainbarrel, come by Thursday after 10 am. It looks like no one is home but we park behind the building. If you wish to call 705-657-8833 when you get here, we will come outside to see you or enter by the back door and we can get your rain barrel loaded up!

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  1. Christine Williams says:

    I want to pck up at Buckhorn Community Centre. When form ask to ship to another address do I fill in the address for Buckhorn Community Centre. The first part of form ask for my address. I want two rain barrels. I can’t ad to the cart. This is frustrating. I dealt already with on line scam now I am suspicious.

    1. Christine Williams says:

      I got my order through. Looking forward to the new rain barrels.

  2. Gloria Currry says:

    I ordered 2 rain barrels and have marking the date for pick up. Don’t know if you keep changing the date /day or if it is me…….probably me. I was prepared to pick them up today, July 8th but I see it is tomorrow. My computer is acting up, must be the heat, so could you please call me with the time? I may have to make two trips as I don’t know if they will fit into my car.

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