Order your frozen food items here

Choose from  6 flavours of soup and cabbage casseroles.   These item all come frozen. Order and pay here or call your order in and pay over the phone. 705-657-8833 .  We have designated times for picking up your orders. Between 1pm & 2pm, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdays. The order form prompts you for this information. You will receive a confirmation email from SimplyK that we received your order. If you do not receive the confirmation you may want to try again or call the BCC and confirm. 705-657-8833

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Nancy Fairweather says:

    Not sure where/who I pay. The prompt didn’t go anywhere.

  2. Kathy Gillis says:

    I’m trying to pay as well and it
    Won’t finalize? Can you confirm if payment was processed? Thank you

  3. Sally J Rood says:

    Your newsletter I received in the mail today said we could order a specialty takeout dinner.
    Where do I find this on the website?

  4. Wendy Clark-Spalding says:

    Hi, I would like to know how to sign up as a member.

  5. Elizabeth Ichniovsky says:

    Very frustrating website keeps disappearing cabbage rolls & corn beef not listed or prices? Left phone message.

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