Order your frozen food items here

Choose from 6 flavours of soup, vegetarian chili (add your meat) and cabbage casserole.   These item all come frozen. Order and pay here or call your order in and pay over the phone. 705-657-8833 .  We have designated times for picking up your orders. Between 1pm & 2pm, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdays. The order form prompts you for this information. You will receive a confirmation email from SimplyK that we received your order. If you do not receive the confirmation you may want to try again or call the BCC and confirm. 705-657-8833

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Nancy Fairweather says:

    Not sure where/who I pay. The prompt didn’t go anywhere.

  2. Kathy Gillis says:

    I’m trying to pay as well and it
    Won’t finalize? Can you confirm if payment was processed? Thank you

  3. Sally J Rood says:

    Your newsletter I received in the mail today said we could order a specialty takeout dinner.
    Where do I find this on the website?

  4. Wendy Clark-Spalding says:

    Hi, I would like to know how to sign up as a member.

  5. Elizabeth Ichniovsky says:

    Very frustrating website keeps disappearing cabbage rolls & corn beef not listed or prices? Left phone message.

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