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From the latest edition of Ontario Festivals Visited Newsletter, Gary McWilliams has given our community a shout-out! Take a look.

“Buckhorn – We have been traveling to the Village of Buckhorn for over 25 years. We even had a boat moored for a couple of years at the Buckhorn Yacht Harbour. Our first experience with the Village was at their annual Fine Art Festival. Since our first visit, we have been back to Buckhorn hundreds of times. However, it’s only been over the past few years that we have discovered the true spirit of the community! To date we have visited four of their events, the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival, Colours ‘N’ Crows, Fiesta Buckhorn and the Buckhorn Maple Syrup Festival held at the McLean Berry Farm. At each one we were always greeted with friendly enthusiasm! Even outside the events, when we needed information or help, we could always count on the wonderful Buckhorn residents. The community spirit is always there!”

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