Board & Staff

Staff, Regular Office Volunteers and Event Directors
Regular Full-Time Staff
• Judy McWhirter – General Manager
• Jim Tatum – Facility Manager

Accounting Clerk
• Robert Murray

Regular Part-Time Volunteers
• Nancy Fairweather
• Diane Michell
• Diane Skinner
• Deb Crossen

Signature Events & Youth Program Coordinator
• Meghan Arnott

Volunteer Coordinator
• Noreen Goodliff

Blizzard FEST
•  Team Lead – Kent Edmunds

The BCC is under the direction of a Volunteer Board of Directors. Directors are elected and at the Annual General Meeting held in the Spring. 

2023/2024 (See biographies below)
•Steve Connolly, Vice President
•Dan Greene , Director
•Lee Harding, Director
• Susan Hing, Director
• Molly Kriksic, Director
• Gwen McCallum, Director, Secretary
• Teri McIntosh, Director, Treasurer
• Peter Raymond, Director
• Margaret Roberts,  President
• Chris Rollo, Director
• Susan Torrance, Director
•Lynn Woodcroft, Director

Ex-officio, non-voting members:

• Councilor Brian Henry – Selwyn Township Liaison
• Councilor Peter Franzen- Municipality of Trent Lakes Liaison
• Judy McWhirter, General Manager
•Jim Tatum, Facility  Manager
•Meghan Arnott,  Signature Events & Youth Program Coordinator

•Robert Murray, Accounting Clerk



Steve Connolly, Vice President
My wife Anne and I moved from the GTA to Buckhorn in the spring of 2013. We vacationed in the area with our three children for over 25 years, so Buckhorn had already become our second home.  We started volunteering at the BCC and the BDTA soon after we arrived permanently and met so many great people.  In July 2019, we wound down our business which focused on distributing educational resources, and fully retired.  This allowed us more time to volunteer.  In addition to volunteering at BCC events and serving on the board, I am also part of the BCC Building, Finance and Strategic Planning Committees and I currently Chair the Smith-Ennismore Police Service Board.

Dan Greene, Director
My first visit to Buckhorn was when I was 13 years old staying with a friend’s family in a trailer near Adam & Eve Rocks. In 2011, my wife (L’Anne) and I purchased a cottage on beautiful Buckhorn Lake. We loved and cherished our time as weekenders however our ultimate goal was to live here year-round. In October 2019, we retired and moved up to our cottage full-time.  I spent my 35+ career as a Senior Business Leader in healthcare (hospital’s).  Before retiring, we both knew that we wanted to give back to our community by getting involved in volunteering. We immediately became a member of the community centre and felt instantly welcomed into the BCC family. Since joining in October, we have volunteered our time to many of the BCC events that have taken place.  Over the course of the last year, we have met so many incredibly loyal and committed individuals who dedicate their time to ensure our community has an outlet to enjoy a number of cultural, physical and social activities and events right here in our own backyard. We look forward spending many years enjoying the BCC and our amazing community!

Susan Hing, Director
I have very fond memories of coming to Buckhorn during my visits to my Grandparent’s cottage on Lake Chemong as a child. My husband and I retired in July of 2021 and moved to our cottage in Wilberforce with the plan to rebuild it. However, due to various reasons we decided to sell and move closer to the city. When looking for a new place to live we discovered Buckhorn and realized that this would be the perfect community for us. We moved here in August of 2022, and we couldn’t be happier with our decision. This community I think is the friendliest place on earth! I worked for the YMCA of Greater Toronto in Health and Fitness for over 35 years. When I discovered the BCC it felt like home as it has similar values and goals as the Y. I look forward to working with the Board, Staff, and great volunteers!


Molly Kriksic, Director
My husband & I purchased a beautiful home on Little Bald Lake and have made a permanent move to Buckhorn this past spring. We fell in love with the beauty and community of the area. Our big move was from Guelph where we raised 3 children who are now scattered in Ontario with one living in Australia. My background has always been either working or volunteering in the charitable, not-for-profit sector with a passion for children and youth with special needs. I’ve sat on both sides of the funding table – applying for funds from various sources and reviewing grants. Looking forward to meeting wonderful new people in our new home town.


Gwen McCallum, Director, Secretary
Our “Buckhorn” adventure started on a rainy day in May 2011 by going to the BCC Spring craft show. While there, we met two lovely ladies who spoke to us about the Buckhorn area and in that conversation told us that they had a friend who had a house on the lake for sale. We went to see the house that day and here we are!!!   We bought the house and moved in at the end of August. I have two beautiful daughters and two grandchildren. All of your family members have volunteered at the BCC at one time or another.
Before moving to Buckhorn, I worked in the auto sector for 24 yrs. I went to university at the age of 40. I graduated in 2007 with a B.A. in Psychology and immediately started working for the KPRDSB as a Child and Youth Worker specializing in Children with Autism and Children with Extreme Behaviours.
Life is great in Buckhorn!

Lee Harding, Director
My work experience covers 45 years in the community health care sector beginning as a Registered Nurse with the VON and then as a Coordinator in the Toronto Homecare Program. In the last 28 years of my career I was the Director of Operations for the CNIB and the Director of Regional Operations for March of Dimes  Canada overseeing over 1200 staff. My role at the CNIB included coordinating world wide executive meetings in  Sri Lanka, Spain, Panama and Morocco. As a volunteer I worked as a nurse with an Overseas Medical Mission group in the Caribbean, Central and South America. In the past few years I was a volunteer with Hospice Peterborough. I retired full time in 2014 and have live in Buckhorn with my husband Keith of 50 years.


Lynn Woodcroft, Director                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    After spending 10 years hauling our boat back and forth to the lakes, we decided in 1998 to make the move to beautiful Buckhorn. I returned to school and obtained my B.Sc. in Biology and Environmental Science with strengths in aquatic ecology from Trent University. I graduated alongside my oldest son. It was the best day ever.  I have been a member of the board of directors for the Buckhorn Community Centre for the past 4 years. It is a very important roll to me and I hope to continue my role for years to come. I enjoy the outdoors, fitness and spending time with family and friends. Buckhorn has been my home for 23 years. It is my favourite place in the world and there is no place I would rather be.


Teri McIntosh, Director
I met my husband Dave while tagging along on a ski trip with my brother and his work buddies. We have three children (Brian, Paul and Daniel) and now have 3 grandsons (Tristan, Ethan and Benjamin)as well. I grew up in beautiful Guildwood Village in the east end of a Toronto and moved back there with Dave after we had been married for a few years. In 2013 we decided to sell our cottage near Bancroft and find a home on a lake a little closer to Toronto.
Luckily for us we discovered beautiful Buckhorn. We made the move from Toronto in July of 2014 and have been very happy with that decision. I continued to work as a District Manager for H & R Block for the first year that we lived here but decided to retire in the fall of 2015. The people in Buckhorn as well as the sense of community have been very welcoming. Choosing Buckhorn to retire in was the best decision we could have made. Our children always comment on how busy we are now and are happy that we are enjoying our retirement in such a wonderful place.

Peter Raymond, Director
My family and I bought property in Oak Shores area in 1981 as cottagers and became permanent residents in 1990 It was very much a quality of life decision, for our son to grow up in a Safe & more Natural Environment. We are blessed with two wonderful twin grand- daughters.Over the years, both my wife and I have been engaged in many community activities. Brief sample: Scout Leader, Beautiful Buckhorn Task Force – geraniums in Buckhorn & Christmas Tree lighting, Trent Lakes Christmas Hamper group, and various other groups. I have project management, strategic planning, facilitation, IT, and customer service skills and experience from working in the Financial Services & IT sectors in North America with major corporations.


Margaret Roberts,  President
I’ve worked for years in the public education sector, as a teacher and administrator, and then supervising schools as a superintendent.  After moving into the operational side of a school board, I managed the facilities department and then all the operational departments that supported a $1.4 billion budget. I hold degrees in education and business, and diplomas in child studies and human resource management because my curiosity leads me into new studies every few years!  Right now I’m learning to play the banjo. I have thoroughly enjoyed volunteering ever since I became a Sparks leader and currently serve as Chair of the Trent Lakes Library Board, am a Community Care volunteer, and Vice-President of the BCC.   It’s a pleasure to contribute to the community that provides such a supportive place to live, learn and work.

Chris Rollo, Director
This leg of our “Buckhorn Adventure” started in 2015 when my husband and I permanently moved to the area June 2015.  I was familiar with the area because of much time spent since the sixties at a family cottage on Little Bald Lake.   We feel so fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of our country.  The vibrant BCC enhances the experience of living in this area and I feel grateful for the opportunity to participate in the programs at the BCC  and the ability to volunteer at the BCC.  I retired after 43 amazing years working in education in June 2013.  During my career I had many experiences and opportunities which enriched my experience and enhanced my life.  I was a classroom teacher and support staff in both elementary and secondary settings and on a reservation in northern Ontario.  l worked in settings with students in care, custody and treatment, provided teacher training, and finally ended my career as a secondary administrator.  Moving forward, I am excited about the opportunity to use the skills I developed over the course of my professional life to contribute to and support the important community work at the Buckhorn Community Centre.

Susan Torrance, Director

My career has encompassed a variety of positions in the Social Service Sector government both provincial and municipal, non profit, private sector and community college . I have lived ,worked and volunteered in Thunder Bay, Toronto, Korea and until my retirement in 2016 , Peterborough County.  My husband Jim and I moved to and renovated his cottage on Big Bald Lake in 1996.  I continued to work while he renovated. We enjoy all that the area has to offer and are avid boaters , and curlers , both of us being members of the  Bobcaygeon Curling Club. The Community Centre has been an integral part of our social life and through the years we have enjoyed bringing our out of town company to the many dinner theatres, art festivals and other activities.  I am pleased that I am now able to work to help support  and keep the centre a viable part of our community.

Judy McWhirter, General Manager, Ex-Officio Board Member
My husband Rob and I moved to Buckhorn 1980 to raise our two young children.  We now have four grandchildren! I have been  manager of the Centre since 1986 and enjoy meeting new people, organizing events and working with amazing volunteers. In my spare time I enjoy gardening, sewing, golfing and spending time with family.



Jim Tatum, Facility Manager,  Ex-Officio Board Member

Bio to come



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