Celebrating our Volunteers

“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” James Mathew Barrie

300 Strong Team
Our volunteers are an extraordinary group of people. You generously give your time, talents and trinkets. It’s in your hearts.

During the pandemic, if you’re missing your volunteer contributions at BCC, please think about how you can help others in our community:

  • Help with on-line orders.
  •  Weed or water a garden.
  •  Spend a little more time chatting.
  •  Sent a hand-written card.
  •  Offer to pick-up supplies.
    Please remember to follow the current public health protocols.
    If you’re saving money by not driving, getting hair cuts or eating out so often, please consider making a charitable donation.
    Interested in volunteering?
    Please click on the link below.
  •  Print the form and complete it.
  •  Drop it off at the BCC in an envelope OR scan or take a picture and email it to:
    Volunteer Application
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