Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities “Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” Howard Zinn

Since the Buckhorn Community Centre provides a wide range of programs and services, there are many Volunteer opportunities you can choose from, including:

  • supporting fundraising events (we have seven major fundraising events during the year)
  • supporting community events such as youth activities, senior activities, sporting activities
  • providing office administration duties
  • serving on committees (such as Building & Site Maintenance, Beautification)
  • serving on the Board of Directors

Join us in the Spring for our Volunteer Celebration Lunch held in the May . If you are thinking about volunteering or you already do, we welcome you.

Each year we recognize the contributions of our many Volunteers, now over 300, at our annual Volunteer dinner event.  This is a wonderful opportunity for Volunteers to come together and be thanked, to connect with other Volunteers and to hear about the impact of their support to the Buckhorn Community Centre. At this event we honour a Volunteer with the presentation of the Founders Award. This award is for anyone who exemplifies the mission of the BCC.

From October 2018 until September 2019 the BCC has buzzed with activity. It takes many volunteers to help make the events and everyday activities happen. We are so blessed to have over 300 volunteers. On Wednesday September 18/19  the volunteer Board of Directors, Staff and of course volunteers invited all the volunteers to dinner and a fun night of games and laughter. Over 170 volunteers RSVP’d and arrived for the party. Our Gong Show themed party had “Chuck Barris” board member Keith Harding and volunteers performing acts for the audience. Much laughter and gonging was had!  A delicious roast beef buffet dinner was made possible by our very own volunteer Chef Doris. One of the highlights of the evening is presenting awards. The “Founders Cup” is for a volunteer who exemplifies the mission of the BCC.  This years Cup for the first time was awarded to a group “The Hall’s Bridge Players”.  This group of volunteers performs the plays that are presented in the Spring and Fall. The first dinner theatre was presented in 1996 and it has grown over the years. We were very fortunate to have many veteran players as well as newbies to the stage at the party to accept the award. Of course there are always behind the scene volunteers for events and this one is no different. Backstage with props, prompting, lighting and sound brings the whole play together. This event is a large revenue generator for the BCC . Keith Smith received the award on behave of the players. Keith was in the first production and has been involved over the years in many ways. Well done and congradulations.

Become a volunteer today by filling out the application below!

Volunteer Application

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