Watercolour Workshops with Becky

Becky is a volunteer instructor at the BCC and shares her talent with others. 

There are no workshops scheduled at this time

Artist Statement: Hello my name is Rebecca (Becky) Bilcox. My first art class was in 1999, and since then I have continued to enjoy watercolour painting as my artistic medium.    I enjoy teaching the basics of watercolour and sharing my skills and techniques. There is such a sense of pride in accomplishment of a finished watercolour, and through practice and workshops you will continue every day to grow as an artist.
I always search for new techniques, and practice what I learn, in order to advance and create new and different pieces of art.     Many wonderful and talented artistic teachers have provided guidance and offered valuable skills and knowledge over the years.Watercolour painting appeals to me because of its rich, transparent, free-flowing nature.   One can achieve a softer, more dramatic effect.   Colour intensity is important, and often is a reflection of ourselves.   In art, we must create and paint what we enjoy, make it your own, and feel good about your accomplishments.
I personally enjoy painting landscapes from places I have visited in Canada, flowers and still life paintings.  There is great diversity with the paths of expression through individual choices and I encourage everyone to explore their creativity.   Painting imparts quietness to one’s mind and puts your heart at peace.   Enjoy your accomplishments, and keep on painting!


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