Fitness during COVID

It is important to try and do some movement everyday, we all know this, right? During this challenging time some people have found it difficult to exercise by themselves and need support and encouragement. The BCC is offering classes in a safe environment. Like all other businesses we follow the rules and have everything that is needed for participants to keep safe. Masks do not need to worn during exercise classes.
The room will be set up for social distancing for the class. All equipment is sanitized after class.

When you come inside the BCC for classes you need to wear a mask. Hang your coat, change your shoes, washroom break etc. Once you find your spot and the class is about to start, your mask comes off. You will have a chair/space that you can put a bag under and hold any equipment you need. If you leave your spot to go to the washroom – you need your mask back on! Once the class is over, gather your items, put your mask on and head out for the day. We encourage you to socialize outside after class so that the room can be prepared for anything that may follow. 

Some classes are held in the gymnasium and some are in the banquet room. Your instructor will direct you as to which room your class will be in. We will try our best to have it in the the same room weekly. 

So many signs and directions…..I know! Doors will be open 15 minutes prior to a class starting. Once everyone is in, it will be locked as we do not want people to wander in. So if you are running late… will need to knock or if the BCC is open at 9am you may enter the west end. Whew….hope you are getting all this.

Tai Chi for Life

   For details about Tai Chi for Life, call instructor Tom at 705-874-3045

No scents make sense please. Some people cannot tolerate smells.
Please refrain from pErfumes and aftershaves when attending classes,
thank you


Circuit Training

Monday, Wednesday & Fridays
8:30am – 9:30am
Pay as you go $5
Instructors Judy McWhirter   or
 Lynn Woodcroft
This class is great for all fitness levels and combines strength training and aerobics training for a total body workout. The class involves a variety of exercises using dumbbells,  bands and your body’s own resistance to help increase muscular endurance and strength. The quick movement between exercises combined with cardio stations helps to keep your heart rate elevated throughout the workout burning calories the entire time. The best part is that this class is designed for each participant to work at their own pace in a controlled supervised environment.


   FIT & FABULOUS  -Thursdays

Over for this year

Instructor                             Karen Frank

 Instructor Certified Personal Trainer and
Fitness Specialist Karen Franken

                               Firm, define and strengthen your body with conditioning exercises designed for the more mature. Combining balance, coordination and flexibility with a variety of exercises to enhance your health and wellness.

All fitness levels  welcome


Please register for the classes below by contacting the instructor

Chair Yoga

  Instructor Michelle Holdforth
Thursday mornings at 8:15am and Thursday afternoon at 3pm
($66 for 6 wks or $12 per class)
Always wanted to try yoga, but thinking flexibility is required? This is a myth. Yoga is much more than the poses and being flexible to obtain them. It is very much about breath and mindfulness. Modifications and adjustments to poses are always available. Yoga is amazing for mobility and balance too.
Advance registration is encouraged (in case we have to cancel), but not necessary
You can contact Michelle at

Hatha Yoga

This afternoon class will resume it the new year

Instructor Angel

Daytime Pilates

Instructor Michelle Doyle

11:00am – 12:00pm
Nov 26/ Dec 3/ Dec 10
Pre-registration is required so Michelle
knows if there is enough interest



10:00 am -11:00 am  
Nov 28/ Dec 5/ Dec 12

Discover the benefits of Pilates at one of these free introductory one-hour class. Learn exercises to strengthen the body’s “Powerhouse”-abdominals, lower back muscles, pelvic floor, hips and glutes.Pilates tones the body while being gentle on the joints. It is suitable for all fitness levels and ages.
Equipment: yoga or Pilates mat, towel/blanket, water bottle, small 8″ Pilates ball, stretchy band and light weights can be borrowed at the BCC

Minimum 5 students
Pre-registration is required so Michelle

3 classes: $35
6 classes: $63
Drop-in: $12
First trial class: $10
Missed classes can be made up in the same session. Classes cannot be carried forward.



Noon – 1pm
Nov 27/ Dec 4/ Dec 11
Yogalates is a comprehensive exercise system inspired by yoga and Pilates. It is designed to ensure functional movement, body awareness and balance. Yogalates combines some popular yoga postures, like warrior poses, with the intense core and abdominal strength work found in Pilates. Yogalates offers many benefits which include: improved muscle tone, flexibility, endurance, a slimmer and stronger physique and weight loss. It is an excellent complement for “walkers” and “runners”. A mat is used and resistance bands, weights and blocks can also be incorporated.

Gentle Yogalates

3:30pm – 4:30pm
Nov. 25/ Dec 2/ Dec 9
Core work combined with gentle yoga poses.
Perfect introduction to Yoga and Pilates.
Minimum 5 students
Pre-registration is required so Michelle
knows if there is enough interest

Yogalates: yoga mat, blanket, water bottle, two blocks, strap (stretchy bands can be borrowed at the BCC)
Cost for yogalates
3 classes: $35
6 classes: $63
Drop-in: $12
First trial class: $10
Missed classes can be made up in the same session. Classes cannot be carried forward.



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A this time members of the gym need to call the BCC and make an appointments. Appointments start a 9am and are for one hour. Limit one person per appointment unless it is a couple. There will be 1/2 hour in between appointment for sanitizing. Call the office 705-657-8833 to schedule your time. 

The Centre has a small room with free weights, up-to-date cardio equipment, etc. It may be a small room but it can help you get into shape. A very reasonable fee of $10 per month or a $50 fitness-room membership for the year plus a BCC family membership ($25).  A second family member is $25. Under 16 years of age must be supervised by an adult. The gym is open Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4:00 pm  A waiver must be signed before you use the equipment.

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