Festival of Trees

Once again the community has supported the BCC Festival of Trees 2021. Over 40 sponsored decorated items are on display for your viewing pleasure. Join us for one of our scheduled morning or afternoon teas or a Friday evening date night. You can purchase tickets for your chance to win any of the sponsored items! This is a country auction. Place your tickets in the container that is associated with item you hope to win. If you cannot make to the BCC in person, you can  purchase tickets on-line. Take a look at all the pictures below and let us know what ones you would like your tickets placed in and we will distribute them. Whenever you see the sign at the driveway entrance, that means we are open for viewing! See our scheduled days HERE

We will also be open after the Lions Club Christmas Parade on Saturday December 4. You can see more info on the parade HERE. The Festival of Trees will be open at from 3 – 5 pm following the parade.

Take a look at Sponsor items  1 – 21

Take a look at Sponsor items 22 – 43

You can purchase tickets from here and tell us where you would like your ticket placed or call in your order.

This is what the ticket looks like.  Tickets are 5 tickets for $5 or 15 tickets for $10  or 25 tickets for $15. One whole page is 25 tickets. You have one number assigned to you and we place your number in the items you wish to win. Draw takes place on December 13 at 1:30pm!

Sample of ticket
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