360 Virtual Tour of the BCC Facility


Members & Guests:
WELCOME, please join us on a 360 Virtual Tour of the BCC !

See the actual Pavilions and grounds as assembled into the Google Maps Street View by Kevin Derrick Photography during our 2017 Season.
Thank You Kevin!
how your friends and visitors what they’re missing or go for your own virtual stroll !

If you’re familiar with “Street View” all you may need is this LINK !
If not, use the following tips to assist with your viewing experience, Have fun!

STEP 1. Go to this LINK from the bottom Right Hand controls select the UP Arrows   


STEP 2. Along the bottom of the screen you should now see a number of images select images individually for viewing ( Touch screen devices: just touch image and move your fingers in the direction you want to view. Other devices press Ctrl & mouse over image to view 360 degrees ).





Those images that offer 360 degree show circular symbol:                       
Those images that are static (non 360 degree) show camera symbol:

From the bottom Right Hand controls to view the next image select 
(right arrow) once you have viewed all images you will see reload icon.   
on the bottom RH controls.


Other available features: – PRINT, SHARE or EMBED Image options.
Provides ability to Share on either FACEBOOK or TWITTER as-well as ability to embed Map with image and PRINT.



From the Top Left Hand corner the image description box  Select the   symbol it provides following options to PRINT, Report a Problem , Share & Embed map

FACEBOOK & TWITTER                                           Embed a Map

Reporting problem – takes you to a Google webpage to fill out details. Hopefully you will not have any issues. PRINT the image to any printer connected to your computer network.

THANK YOU, Come again anytime !


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