Membership Matters

Why should YOU be a member of BCC?

Did you know…

• The BCC is a not-for-profit organization, and was
established in 1978.
• The BCC is not owned by the Municipality.
• The BCC fundraises all year round to keep the lights on and programs running.
• The BCC is Your Community Centre.

Membership is the primary building block of the BCC that, for a nominal charge, provides the sense of ownership, participation in decision making, direction and communications that truly makes the BCC YOUR Community Centre.

Becoming a member of the BCC grants you the opportunity to be part of a wonderful caring and supportive community and helps support the centre. Membership enables you and your family to take part in a wealth of spirited healthy activities and events that bring fullness to our lives as well as providing help to those who strive to make our neighbourhood a better place to live. The BCC is the JEWEL of the Community.

Please consider becoming a BCC member to receive special benefits and be part of helping us provide great programing and events, all year round. There are 3 different membership levels. Choose the one that best suits you by filling out the form below and making a secure payment. Membership is annual from January to December. You can also drop into the BCC and purchase your membership in the office.

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