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Remarkably, there are only four full-time staff members at the Buckhorn Community Centre. More than 300 volunteers work behind the scenes and in front of our guests, donating their time, skills and passion! They truly make a difference in people’s lives and in our community.

We welcome volunteers of all ages. We’ll get to know you and do our best to match you with volunteer roles that are the best fit for your skills, interests and time availability.

Ready to volunteer? Start by completing this form to let us know you are interested in joining the BCC Team or drop by during regular business hours and speak with one of our volunteers.

2023 Founders Cup Award

Here’s a list of previous Buckhorn Community Centre Founder’s Cup recipients.

“It’s not just about volunteering time. You’ll meet some new people with a common goal of helping in the community.”

Deb Crossen, volunteer

The Buckhorn Community Centre has a Founder’s Cup that is awarded to a volunteer, on an annual basis, to recognize their incredible contributions made to our organization. Here are our most recent recipients of the BCC Founder’s Cup! Congratulations and thanks for all of your time and talent!

Celebrating our Volunteers

Every year, the Board of Directors and Staff of the BCC celebrate our volunteers! The Founders’ Award is given to a volunteer or group of volunteers who have gone above and beyond.

In 2023, three volunteers received the Founders’ Cup.

Stephanie (Stephie) Beem – Stephie has volunteered at the BCC for over 10 years. Always willing to help, Stephie can be found giving her time over multiple days, whether it’s setting up for an event, helping at the event or on clean-up duty. As a team leader, Stephie guides new volunteers through the procedures at an event. Stephie always arrives early and dives right in making sure everything is at hand. She always wears a smile!

Greg Nyberg – Greg has volunteered for more than 10 years quietly behind the scenes. As the BCC grows, we had the need to document our members, founders, volunteers and vendors. Greg volunteered to create a database for the BCC putting in put hundreds of hours to make it functional for our needs and training volunteers. Greg is also a part of the dinner theatre crew, setting up our stage lights and working on the control board every night of the production in spring, fall and sometimes summer. Greg also volunteers at other events and has been a coordinator for the Buckhorn Festival of the Arts.

Paula Ruttle – Paula prefers working quietly in the background, especially during dinner theatre where she spends countless hours as our prompter. She sits in the dark following the script just in case someone forgets a line and needs help. Over the past 3 years, Paula took on the enormous task of counting and documenting every volunteer hour worked. Considering the BCC is a volunteer-driven organization, it took many hours for Paula to organize it! The data is important to understand the strength of volunteers. Paula also lends a hand at other BCC events!

“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” 

James Mathew Barrie

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