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About Us

Since 1978, the Buckhorn Community Centre, a charitable, not-for-profit organization, has been dedicated to supporting our community. It all started when a group of like-minded community residents banded together with the idea of building a larger facility for community gatherings. They stepped up to guarantee the initial mortgage for the BCC and even mortgaged their homes to realize this dream.

You can find out more about our history here.

The Founders:


John and Irene Bannan

John and Dorothy Biggs

Harry and Joan Caunce

Norm and Andrea Childs

Bob and Kay Creighton

Walter and Linda Dixon

Connie Gemmill

Eric and Elsie Hilton

Doug and Wendy Dixon

George and Diane Hilton

Art and Olive Iddison

R. Paul Page

Paul and Linda Parkhurst

Ray and Marg Pogue

Don and Vivian Smith

Neal and Pat Smith

Art and Carmen Webster

Photo of Flo-X EV Charger

Electric Vehicle Charger

The BCC has an EV charger. for your electric vehicles. More details for the FLO EV Charger can be found here.’

Photo of Bike Repair Station

Bike Repair Station

The BCC has a bike repair station located on the garage at the back of the west parking lot.

Solar Array Panel Project

​In 2012, more than 312 solar panels were added to the south side of our roof, producing clean renewable energy. That power is sold back to the Ontario grid and generates funds for our ongoing programs and operational expenses.

We couldn’t have done it without the support of our community and local businesses who helped pay for the project.

  • Flanagan and Sun, a local renewable energy company, installed the solar array at cost.
  • The Bourne Foundation, who made a significant donation to pay off the outstanding balance on the solar array panels.

You can see how our solar is doing on the realtime stats counter!

Two men preparing to turn on solar power system


In 2017, a new cenotaph “Heroes of Yesterday” and “Memory Lane was installed on the front lawn of the Buckhorn Community Centre. A year later, benches, trees and flower gardens were installed to enhance the monument.

Memory Lane incorporates stones of remembrance from residents in honour of loved ones who served and words of thanks from community members, founders and visitors.

Each year, the BCC is proud to host the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Cenotaph.


Monument to the Heroes of Yesterday
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