The Buckhorn Community Centre is a not-for-profit organization, raising funds through major annual events as well as many on-going activities throughout the year. Over 300 volunteers contribute their time and talents to make these events a success. It all started in the mid 1970’s when……..read it all HERE

Would you mortgage your home to help build a community centre?

Well, a group of like minded community residents gathered around the campfire and came up with the idea of building a larger facility to hold dances, bingo’s and parties. Alas, the bank wanted to be reassured that someone was going to pay the mortgage. The following residents guaranteed the bank that indeed the money would be paid back and signed papers guaranteeing that the mortgage.

40+ years ago a group of very special people had a dream and a vision. They saw the need for a community centre in Buckhorn. These courageous and generous people actually did mortgage their homes to realize their dream. With the help of Wintario funding, they built our Buckhorn Community Centre.

The Founders:

  • John and Irene Bannan
  • John and Dorothy Biggs
  • Harry and Joan Caunce
  • Norm and Andrea Childs
  • Bob and Kay Creighton
  • Doug and Wendy Dixon
  • Walter and Linda Dixon
  • Connie Gemmill
  • Eric and Elsie Hilton
  • George and Diane Hilton
  • Art and Olive Iddison
  • R. Paul Page
  • Paul and Linda Parkhurst
  • Ray and Marg Pogue
  • Don and Vivian Smith
  • Neal and Pat Smith
  • Art and Carmen Webster


The Buckhorn Community Centre & Athletic Association is committed to offering a wide variety of activities, events and programs to meet the recreational and social and cultural needs of the Community. In order to build a vibrant and sustainable Centre, the foundation of the Community success, is the continued dedication of Volunteers.

“Coming back is always fun, thanks for all the hard work!”
– Wilhelmina B.Peterborough, Ontario


The Mission of the Buckhorn Community Centre is to be the cultural centre of our community – providing activities, events and programs to meet our community’s social and recreational needs.

We will accomplish our mission in a way that:

  • honours the dedication of our volunteers;
  • fosters communication and education;
  • maximizes the BCC’s potential for growth and development;
  • is environmentally friendly;
  • builds positive relationships; and
  • maintains the viability and relevance of the BCC.


The Buckhorn Community Centre operates in a way that is consistent with strong core values of:

  • mutual trust;
  • genuine concern and respect for people;
  • integrity
  • accountability; and
  • commitment to excellence

BY-LAWS, amended May 25, 2015

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