Why should YOU be a member of BCC?

Did you know…

• The BCC is a not-for-profit organization, and was
established in 1978.
• The BCC is not owned by the Municipality.
• The BCC fundraises all year round to keep the lights on and programs running.
• The BCC is Your Community Centre.


Membership is the primary building block of the BCC that, for a nominal charge, provides the sense of ownership, participation in decision making, direction and communications that truly makes the BCC YOUR Community Centre. Don’t just be a User, be an Active Member. Be involved.

Becoming a member of the BCC grants you the opportunity to be part of a wonderful caring and supportive community and helps support the centre. Membership enables you and your family to take part in a wealth of spirited healthy activities and events that bring fullness to our lives as well as providing help to those who strive to make our neighbourhood a better place to live. The BCC is the JEWEL of the Community.

Please consider becoming a BCC member to receive special benefits and be part of helping us provide great programing and events, all year round. There are 3 different membership levels: BCC Single ($15), BCC Family ($25) and BCC Bronze ($50). The BCC Fitness Club is an optional add-on to your regular membership ($50). Be sure to look over the information and choose the category that is the best fit for you. By showing your current membership card, minutes of Board meetings may be read at the BCC.

You can download the form and fill out and mail or drop it into the BCC

When signing up online please just put the information needed that you see on the form. The online form is not a fillable form

DOWNLOAD BCC membership form


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