Celebrating our Volunteers

 We celebrated our volunteers with a Volunteer Family Feud Party on September 20, 2023.

At this event we announced the winners of this year’s Volunteer Award. Their names are commemorated on the Founder’s Cup.

 We celebrated three volunteer recipients



 Stephanie (Stephie) Beem –  has volunteered at the BCC for over 10 years. Always willing to help, Stephie can be found giving her time over multiple days, set up, during and cleaning up at events. Always busy making sure supplies are filled and tables are clean, she also is a team leader & guides new volunteers through the event. Steph always arrives early and dives right in making sure everything is at hand. Always with a smile.

Greg Nyberg – has volunteered over 10 years quietly behind the scenes. The BCC has grown over the years and we needed to document our members, founders, volunteers and vendors. Greg volunteered to create a data base for the BCC to use. (The data base company should have paid him as many of the suggestions were so good that they integrated them for other users)  Hundreds & hundreds of hours have gone into making this data base one that we could capture our information. Greg has also trained volunteers on the program. That’s not all….he is also a part of the dinner theatre crew, working setting up the lights for DT and being on the control board every night of the production spring, fall and sometimes summer. Greg also volunteers at other events and has been a coordinator for the art festival.

Paula Ruttle – works quietly in the background, being the prompter at DT , she has spent hundreds of hours sitting in the dark following the script just in case someone forgets a line and needs help. During the past 3 years the BCC board wanted to know how many volunteer hours were needed to keep the BCC in tip top shape. Paula took on the HUGE task of documenting every hour that we managed to capture. The events take up many hours, however many volunteer hours go on behind the scenes like, meetings, building repairs, set up & take down of events, planning events etc. Paula documented, 8,974 hours in 2022! (we probably missed some too!) Paula also lends a hand at other BCC events, usually accompanying her husband, Greg Nyberg. What a team!

Congratulations to all the recipients

“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” James Mathew Barrie

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